Are you having a difficult time knowing how to boost the effectiveness of your company’s online presence in generating new business leads and clients? Where’s the low hanging fruit that will give you the best results for your efforts? We’ll look at 7 ways to create the change that will transform your company website from an online brochure to a powerful sales partner for your business. It will be like a networking buddy who is going out there making connections for you 24/7.

In this webinar you will learn the Top 7 Ways to Generate New Business Leads on the Internet by transforming your business website into your own 24/7 online networking partner.

Here’s a summary outline of the content of this webinar video:

1) Why the starting point, before any other marketing activity, is to focus and strengthen your business brand identity.

Before diving into tactical website details here are 7 all-important branding questions to ask yourself:

  1. Why are you in business?
  2. What are your key differentiating values and beliefs?
  3. What value do your customers receive from you: Rational, emotional, spiritual?
  4. How does your business differ from other businesses that offer the similar products and services?
  5. If your business didn’t exist, who would care? What wouldn’t have happened?
  6. What makes your business vital…indispensable?
  7. How does your business website reflect your answers to these questions?

Your website is really your personal presence, energy, value and message. The more it is uniquely YOU, the more effective it will be. Well-designed technology will disappear instead of getting in the way. But like a master violinist, there’s a lot of technique behind what the viewer sees, and that technique creates the magic of the overall impression and experience.

Let’s dive into the technique/technology behind the impression…

2) 14 marks of a professional company website that causes viewers to immediately see the value of your business.

Use this as a test for your website. Have somebody else evaluate it.

  1. Clean, Color scheme designed well (base on logo color scheme).
  2. No confusion: Viewers immediately get what you’re offering, who you serve and the value you bring.
  3. Easy to navigate: Simple, clear choices. Viewers quickly find what they need.
  4. Fast: No waiting while clicking links.
  5. Viewer-Centered: Problem > Solution > Benefits
  6. Useful to viewer: Relevant, Focused, Informative
  7. Keyword-Driven Content
  8. Visible on search engines: (Relevant keywords in content, images, metatags)
  9. Interlinking to other content on website
  10. External links: To branded social media and YouTube accounts
  11. Beautiful, relevant images.
  12. Video for dynamic content.
  13. Testimonials for credibility.
  14. Specific call to action on every page: (levels of involvement from “receive this informative white paper” to “get an immediate answer to this question (how much is my home worth” to “request a consultation” to “buy now”).

3) The importance of integrating your business brand image everywhere on and off the internet.

  • When viewers look at your social media, are they looking at a different world from your website?
  • When people see your business card, mailer, brochure, product labeling and signage are they looking at a different world from your website?
  • When people call your business, is their experience a different world from your website?
  • When clients are served by your business, is their experience a different world from your website?

Note: We’re not just talking about the look, but the brand image that includes the experience and value.

4) All-important questions to ask yourself before printing a business card, mailer or brochure.

  • How does this printed material reflect the brand image and experience on my business website.
  • How does this printed material link to my business website?
  • How does this printed material invite viewers to go to my website? Does is give a compelling reason to visit my website?

5) Ways to engage your online audience through interactive dialogue and web functionality and how this leads to more sales.

  • You want to draw the viewer into an interactive dialogue.
  • Connection around viewer needs, experience, problems is powerful.
  • Questions are powerful.
  • Interactive forms and functionality are powerful.

6) How to incorporate an effective call to action on every page of your website.

  • Before creating a page, be it a blog article, service description, product description, video…any element on your website… start at the end and work to the beginning.
  • Ask what action you want your viewer to take as a result of reading the page, viewing the images, listing to the video, performing cool functions…
  • Then, design the element from the beginning to work toward this action.
  • If, on the other hand, you start with a goal of communicating information, your result will be a viewer what says, “Thanks for that great information…goodbye!”

7) How to create a system to capture leads on your website, social media, marketing collateral and through lead pages that includes an effective follow-up component.

  • What is an internet lead capture system, and what are the components?

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About the Webinar Presenters:

Who is Tori Jones?

Tori Jones, owner of has helped hundreds of business owners with their web design, internet marketing and systems creation since 2008. Her specialty is automating client communication, engaging visitors with a dynamic interactive website; automating the sales process with online ecommerce solutions; and automating lead generation using company websites and lead pages to create new streams of contacts and clients.

About connectwithinfluencers

David Smith is the president and founder of and His goal is to grow businesses in Las Vegas through facilitating networking and collaboration among business leaders. Through over 15 years effective business networking and networking leadership experience including such organizations as BNI and Chamber of Commerce, David has learned and is willing to share his powerful innovative networking strategy.

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