Webinar Overview:

80% of sales are made between the 5th and 20th touch. 89% of sales people give up on or before the 4th touch! Learn how to consistently and strategically make more touches … more sales … more revenue … and more profit! When your networking follow-up system is easy and automated, you’ll discover the power of consistent and sustainable follow-up to accelerate your business growth.

Benefits of Making Networking Follow-Through Easy and Sustainable:

  • Increase your sales closes by a factor of 2, 3 or more times your current average.
  • Establish more new productive business relationships.
  • Apply these same skills to engage your clients and create more repeat sales and more long-term client loyalty.

Who is David Smith?

David Smith, founder of https://NetworkLasVegas.com and https://MarketingDepartmentLV.com has refined his networking skills for more than 15 years including networking leadership as a BNI assistant director in Oregon and Connecticut and extensive experience in additional informal networking venues. Through this webinar you will immediately benefit from his hard-won experience and experimentation over the years.

Who is Stan Shields?

Stan Shields is an expert in helping organizations grow by systematically implementing tactical organizational and database management practices (http://stannshields.com/). He is also a team member of https://marketingdepartmentlv.com Stan grew a 40-member $8K/month martial arts organization to 250 members and $40K/month by creating a seamless flow from first contact through client acquisition and exceptional customer service all the way to repeat and referral business. He helps clients design and implement easy prospecting follow-up and client management systems that streamline and activate amazing business growth results.

Networking Follow-Through Made Easy (Webinar Outline):

  1. Why is it important to consistently follow-up on business prospects?
    • So they remember you when they need you
    • Create “Referral Partner” relationships
  2. How can consistent follow-up give you a competitive edge over your competition
    • Know, like and trust factor
    • Offering familiarity … no one remembers what you do from the first connection
  3. Why is it important to consistently follow-up with current clients?
    • Add on sales
    • Value Ladder of offerings
    • Referrals
  4. What are the common barriers to consistent follow-up?
    • Time
    • Knowledge … not sure how
    • Technically challenged
    • Not clear on value ladder and sales process
  5. What is a landing page and why is it an important follow-up tool?
    • First step of a sales funnel
    • Guide the visitor to the exact steps they should take
  6. What is a robust email system and why is this an important follow-up tool?
    • Supports automations
    • Will grow with you
    • Allows you to build sequences with “if, then” statements
  7. What is a CRM and a Database and why are these essential follow-up tools?
    • Makes you look smarter than you are
    • Track details for each client for every interaction
    • Automate actions
  8. How can automating your networking follow-up system make consistent follow-up both easy and sustainable.
    • Systems create habits
    • Habits build consistency
    • Build a simple 3-5 email sequence for following up with important networking contacts
    • Networking contact categories
      1. A-Team – Dream 100, Influencer, Affiliate partner, referral partner, un-official sales team (Referrals from them can be paid or not)
      2. Customer Prospect – Qualified prospect to buy your product or service
      3. Vendor – Someone you would likely buy from at some point in the future
      4. Other – Great to know, remember and interact with at other networking events. May never refer someone to you.
  9. If you were to take one action to get started, what might that action be?
    • See video for answer!

About connectwithinfluencers

David Smith is the president and founder of https://NetworkLasVegas.com and https://MarketingDepartmentLV.com. His goal is to grow businesses in Las Vegas through facilitating networking and collaboration among business leaders. Through over 15 years effective business networking and networking leadership experience including such organizations as BNI and Chamber of Commerce, David has learned and is willing to share his powerful innovative networking strategy.

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