Automating Your Networking and Sales Pipeline Can More Than Triple Your Productivity and Earnings


It’s no accident that the word “Networking” is used both for making connections at a business event and also connecting your Business Technology system, or “Network”. The commonality is the strategy of making and managing connections. Since both types of networking perform a similar function, it’s only natural to realize that your IT network can support your word of mouth networking in some very creative and productive ways. In this webinar video you will learn:

How your IT network can either support or sabotage your word of mouth networking efforts.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Why technology needs to be a part of your word of mouth networking strategy.
  2. What tools your currently have on your computer to support your word of mouth networking?
  3. Managing your connections robustly through email tools.
  4. Keeping your computer network secure as you communicate.
  5. How to avoid communication overload.
  6. Tips for managing your schedule so that you are always aware of upcoming appointments.
  7. Conferencing over the phone and using web applications.
  8. Advanced web-based communication and project management tools.

Benefits of Word of Mouth Networking Supported by a Robust IT Network:

  • Save time and create rapid connectivity by automating your communications.
  • Follow up with your connections more consistently and effectively.
  • Expand your reach.

About connectwithinfluencers

David Smith is the president and founder of and His goal is to grow businesses in Las Vegas through facilitating networking and collaboration among business leaders. Through over 15 years effective business networking and networking leadership experience including such organizations as BNI and Chamber of Commerce, David has learned and is willing to share his powerful innovative networking strategy.

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