Who Can Submit a Blog to NetworkLasVegas.com?

Blog article submission is a benefit available to all members of NetworkLasVegas networking organization.

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Benefits of Posting a Blog Article on NetworkLasVegas.com

  • Increase the SEO of your website: NetworkLasVegas.com has excellent visibility and all articles on this site are more likely to be seen. Your blog article with a backlink to your website will increase your website’s SEO.
  • Showcase your expertise: Other NetworkLasVegas.com members will see your blog article, and the large list of subscribers to the NetworkLasVegas.com weekly networking update eblast visit the website on a weekly basis.
  • Gain skill in articulating your value: As you create blog articles following our guidelines, you will gain skill in articulating your value.
  • Receive valuable feedback: Other NetworkLasVegas.com members and visitors who see your blog article will be able to give you valuable feedback to help you improve your writing and communication skills.
  • Generate new business: With a powerful call to action following our blog guidelines you can drive new business to your website.

Blog Article Best Practices Guidelines

The value of each NetworkLasVegas blog article increases the visibility of all blog articles. As they say, “The incoming tide raises all ships.” For this reason, all blog articles need to follow the best practices guidelines below in order to maintain the high quality of all articles on this website. Onboarding yourself and your writing skills with these guidelines may take some work, but the rewards will be huge for all your online written communication.

Characteristics of Valuable Blog Articles

  1. Valuable Theme: Provide valuable knowledge to your audience vs. creating a sales infomercial. For example, a Realtor might create an article on how to increase the curb appeal of a home so it will sell faster vs. advertising their Realtor services.
  2. Keyword Optimization: Use words that your viewers are searching on Google in your meta title, meta description, image alt tags and 2-4% of your body text. Do a keyword search on https://TheHoth.com > Create an Account > Tools > Keyword Research
  3. 2000 Word Length: Your blog article needs to be around 2000 words in length in order to be noticed by Google.
  4. Add Images: Blog articles with mages create more interest and generate higher visibility on Google.
  5. Add ONLY Open Use Copyright Free Images: Do not search Google images. Many of those images have copyright protection and can get NetworkLasVegas.com in trouble!  Do not even use images you have purchased. Such images can only be used on your own business website. You can search open use images for free on Pixabay.com You will need to show NetworkLasVegas.com that the images you use in your blog article are open use images.
  6. Create a Strong Call to Action: Conclude your article by asking viewers to take a specific action like subscribing to your email list, calling you, purchasing a product or service that adds value to the information you gave in your blog article.
  7. Add an Author Statement: Create a 2-3 sentence statement about yourself, your business and add a link to your website.
  8. Optional – Post an Original Video on your Blog Article: For a total home run, post a video on YouTube and embed it into your blog article. In the video you could simply talk about the theme of your blog article.


Submitting Your Blog Article

Once you have created a blog article following our best practices guidelines, submit it as an MSWord attachment to DavidSmith@NetworkLasVegas.com. Include attachments of all images. Also include the YouTube video address, if you created a video.


Do not submit blog articles that appear anywhere else on the internet (on your website or elsewhere). This will incur a Google “duplicate content” penalty that will hurt the SEO of NetworkLasVegas.com and negatively impact all NetworkLasVegas.com members.

Questions or Help Writing Your Blog Article?

Please contact Michael Morrow, our team’s resident copywriter or David Smith:

Put “Please Help Me Write a NetworkLasVegas.com Blog Article” in the email subject line.

We’ll answer a few of your questions and help you with a few powerful ideas and tips for free as a NetworkLasVegas.com membership benefit. At your request, we will also take your ideas and craft them into a blog article for you for a reasonable copywriting fee.

Services include:

  • Help writing your NetworkLasVegas.com blog article.
  • Help writing a blog article for your business website or elsewhere on the internet.
  • Complete DFY blog article writing.

Getting help with one blog article can accelerate putting you on course to effectively write future blog articles.