What is Sponsorship?

Every month NetworkLasVegas.com hosts a Live Networking Social inviting business owners and professionals throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

2 businesses receive the opportunity to sponsor each Live Networking Social. Sponsors help make the venue available and help NetworkLasVegas.com in its support of a local charity.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Sponsor?

As a NetworkLasVegas.com Live Networking Social sponsor you will receive the following benefits:

  • Two Entry Tickets
  • Logo on Monthly Flyer (where is this advertised??) – Facebook, Podcast, YouTube, Website
  • Logo on Network Las Vegas’s website for the month you are Sponsoring (so sign up early to maximize this advertising opportunity)
  • Introduction at the beginning of the Event w/ a 60 second Commercial Opportunity
  • Popup Signage you provide will be featured  at the venue
  • Sponsor Table and the opportunity to distribute literature you provide on the tables at the venue
  • Your Featured Swag will be included in Network Las Vegas Swag Bags

In short, sponsoring a Live Networking Social will give your business unique and beneficial exposure among other professionals and in the community at large!

What is the Cost of Sponsorship?

We are committed to keeping the cost at a level that is affordable by businesses of every size and budget: $50

How Can You Become a Sponsor?

As noted above, there are 2 openings for sponsors every month.

  1. Contact Robin Grayson, Live Networking Social Coordinator (her name is linked to her contact information)
  2. Indicate the month you wish to sponsor (see the upcoming Live Networking Social dates on the NetworkLasVegas.com Home Page)
  3. Robin will help you to have a successful sponsorship experience.