Value of an Immediate Networking Follow-up Email

What do you do with all those business cards you collect during a networking event? Perhaps you’ve noticed a few networkers are right on their game, sending out a networking follow-up email the very next day. Impressive and effective! Why are they so effective?

  • Immediate email follow-up after making a new face-to-face connection instantly creates a positive memorable impression.
  • More profitable 1-2-1 follow-up meetings.
  • More new business and referral business opportunities.
  • Go into every 1-2-1 networking meeting with established momentum – you are already known and valued from your email content.
  • Use email marketing to maintain regular contact with clients increasing repeat and referral business.

Problems Sending an Immediate Networking Follow-up Email

It’s a great idea, sending an immediate networking follow-up email! Why doesn’t it happen?

  • Setting up an email marketing program can be complicated, time consuming and frustrating!
  • Which software to use?
  • How to gather all your business contacts?
  • How to enter contacts into the software?
  • How to create an attractive email template?
  • What to say and how to say it in such a way that the message creates instant value to the recipient?
  • How to locate and format attractive, copyright permission images?
  • How to track response?
  • How to follow up?
  • Setting the time aside to consistently do these things.

Even though an email marketing program done well routinely results in the single greatest marketing ROI for a business, the majority of businesses fail to start and maintain an effective program.

What’s Included?

Email Marketing Infrastructure Set-up Includes:

  • Setting up and configuring an email marketing tool with you as account owner
  • Helping you gather more contacts than you thought you had
  • Formatting and uploading all your contacts into the email marketing tool
  • Reviewing and sharpening your program of gathering new email addresses going forward
  • Segmenting your contact list for better performance based on the segments we identify together
  • Creating an attractive email template
  • Setting up your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business pages and connecting them to the email tool
  • Setting up our ability to log into your website and add articles
  • Identifying 25 article themes for email broadcasts based on “If you were to write a book of value to your clients, what would the chapter titles be?”

Ongoing Email Marketing Includes:

  • Create and post an article on your website based on the theme of the month
  • Create and broadcast an e-blast “teaser” designed to point readers to the article
  • Create and broadcast social media blasts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter based on the article theme.

All content will be reviewed by you before sending.

We’re confident that no marketing service is providing this level of production and quality for anywhere near our price point, creating the greatest value for your marketing investment.

We are able to offer this service to only 5 new clients at this time in order to maintain the highest level of quality.

Make It Happen Now. Save Money and Time by Hiring the Expert

Every time you go to a networking event, then put off sending networking follow-up emails costs you in lost opportunity. Taking the time to consistently create and send networking follow-up emails takes you away from your business activities…more lost opportunity. Failing to remain in regular contact with your clients through consistent, valuable email contact results in lost repeat and referral business opportunity.

Stop putting it off, hire the email marketing expert, make it happen now and begin experiencing the benefits!

  • Consistent, valuable connection with your clients and contacts.
  • More new business.
  • More repeat business.
  • More referral business.
  • New content for your business website (articles based on eblast content).
  • All of this on auto-pilot, done by the expert.

Program bonuses:

  1. A new SEO article added to your business website based on the content of every email.
  2. SEO social media blasts sent to compliment every email.

You’re now in regular contact with clients and business contacts, adding regular SEO articles to your website and growing your social media presence!

Activate Consistent Email Marketing

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