Overview of NetworkLasVegas.com Membership

NetworkLasVegas.com does not charge a membership fee at this time. As this networking organization approaches the goal of 40 members, the benefits of membership continue to increase.

For membership to be meaningful and toward the success of all member businesses, members assume responsibilities toward the health and growth of NetworkLasVegas.com.

Membership Benefits

Membership Responsibilities

  • Attend at least 4 NetworkLasVegas.com meetings each quarter. You can grow your business even more rapidly by attending both meetings each month.
    • Attendance involves attending the entire meeting in order to respect other members who are presenting and to be an active participant in the meeting’s team process.
  • Conduct at least one 1-2-1 meeting with another member each month. Two 1-2-1 meetings monthly are recommended to accelerate business growth.
  • Full participation in the quarterly Visitor Day process.
  • Invite and host at least 2 visitors/quarter.
  • Assume a Leadership Support Position (select a current leader you would like to support).
  • Consider a full Leadership Position after one year of membership.