Name Most Important 2022 Goal What Business Will Benefit from This Goal? How This Goal Will Benefit Your Business What Can We Do Specifically Support You in Achieving Your Goal? What Professions Are Best Fitted to Help You Achieve Your Goal?
David Smith Receive 1 new business branding client/month in 2022 ·          Professionals branded under other businesses: Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, health supplements…

·          Businesses in categories with a lot of competition.

·          Businesses that want to sharpen their message.

·          Business that would like to achieve more traction.

·          Will solidify the new service I’ve been designing and testing.

·          Will lead to additional services I offer.

·          Bring me more target client referrals

·          Bring me the professions I need in this group ·          Graphic Artists

·          CPAs

·          Bookkeepers

·          Financial Planners

Michael Morrow To develop a full YouTube Channel

This will add to my Instagram and Facebook

Will have a following in each social media platform.

Allow consistent follow-up.

·          Don’t be afraid to be interviewed by Michael ·          Anybody
Mark Peco Double number of insurance carriers I’m affiliated with. Currently 25, Goal: 50 Commercial Businesses

Brick and Mortar businesses.

We offer:

·          Business Insurance

·          General Liability

·          Workers Comp

·          Commercial Vehicle

Change from being captive agent. Will bring us to breakeven point and beyond compared to when we were a captive agent. ·          Accountants

·          Business Bankers

·          Commercial Realtors

Gary Forsch Become a Legal Shield Exec Director.

$1,400 premium monthly

Identity Protection

Legal Protection

Small monthly subscription

Residual Income, Commissions and Overrides Refer anyone interested in protecting themselves. ·          Brick & Mortar

·          Home Businesses

·          Families

Robin Grayson Close 1 deal/month:

Listing, working with buyer.




Franchise Startups


Anyone looking to buy or sell residential or commercial property or a business

Interest in opening a franchise

Trust Attorneys

People in transition: Exiting military, moving to a new state.

Satyra (sa-ti-ra) Tyler

REALTOR® #BS.145998

Select Properties Group


Be consistent on my YouTube Page Will help me gain exposure and build a sphere of influence Support my YouTube page, refer others, give me honest feedback Anyone
Laura Schneiderman

Sales Executive


Payment Processing  

Help 5 new clients/month

Spot-on business software

Help connect to your clients, streamline processing

·          Payment Processing

·          Automated Marketing

·          Loyalty Program

·          Invoicing

·          Reviews

·          Appointment scheduling, reservations

Help people Refer retail stores, online businesses


Rich Simon A better year for me and you in 2022

1 new install/week

Anyone who has a higher utility bill than they can comfortably pay.

NV Energy customers



Roofing Company

Pool Company

Stan Shields Bring referrals:

·          Network marketing leaders.

·          Realtors

·          Copier salespeople

Gaby Raguay-Williamson

The Petite Organizer LLC


2 new clients/month

Launch a support group program: “Decluttering Accountability

Busy professionals Increase revenue

Add testimonials

Follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Recommend networking events. Realtors

Home Cleaning Services


Julie Harris

Farmers Insurance

Sell one life insurance policy/month. Reach my required goals. ·          Refer people considering life insurance

·          Young people starting out in life

·          Young families

·          New child in family

Wills/Trust Attys

Estate Planning Attys

Financial Advisors