What is Member Spotlight Video Streaming?

NetworkLasVegas.com gives all business spotlight presenters the opportunity to stream a pre-meeting video teaser on their topic to Facebook and YouTube!

How Does Member Spotlight Video Streaming Work?

  1. When: Video streaming sessions are at 10:50am PST the day of the NetworkLasVegas meeting.
  2. Where: Login to the Video Streaming Studio 5-10 minutes early using the unique login link Stan will email you prior to your video streaming session. Stan Shields, streaming host/moderator, will be there to greet you and help you prepare.
  3. Prepare: Be prepared to give a 5-minute summary teaser describing your business spotlight presentation and how viewers will benefit from hearing the full presentation during the NetworkLasVegas.com meeting.
  4. Live Streaming Session: Stan Shields will moderate the session and interview you and the other business spotlight speaker.
  5. Live-Stream Platforms: Your video will live-stream to Facebook and YouTube.
  6. Getting the Most Out of Your Video: Following the meeting we will post your video on this page. You can grab the embed link and post it on your website!
  7. Enjoy!

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Benefits of Member Spotlight Video Streaming:

  • Greater exposure for your business: Your video will stream to a wider audience on Facebook and YouTube.
  • More attendees to hear your presentation: People who see the video stream are invited to attend the meeting where you will be giving your full presentation.
  • New valuable content for your website: Once the video is posted, go to YouTube, grab the embed code and embed the video on your business website.
  • Permanent post of your video stream: Placed on this page of NetworkLasVegas.com and remains forever on Facebook and YouTube

March 17, 2021 Gina Maceo: GMaceo@AmericaFirst.com David Smith: DavidSmith@MarketingDepartmentLV.com

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