Why Track Member Activity?

Member Activity Tracking creates an objective way for members to see the connection between their activity in Network Las Vegas networking and  their results. Without Member Activity Tracking members are left guessing why their participation in Network Las Vegas is helping grow their business or why it is not helping grow their business.

Focus: Your Own Individual Activity

Member Activity Tracking is not meant to compare one member’s activity against another member’s activity. Networking is not a competition, but a collaboration. Member Activity Tracking is meant to help individual members view their own activity and make the adjustments necessary to increase their success in growing their business through their involvement in Network Las Vegas.

Big Picture Focus

In addition, Member Activity Tracking helps members look at the big picture to see how Network Las Vegas members are collaborating together as a team to elevate the success of the organization and every member. Where we see consistent networking activity in Network Las Vegas as a whole, we can expect Network Las Vegas to be growing to the benefit of every member business.

Key Member Activity Metrics

The key Member Activity Metrics are:

  1. Attendance: Successful networking involves “being there” both to educate others about your business and the referrals you seek and to learn about and support other member businesses.
  2. 1-2-1 Meetings: This is where you drill down exchanging details about your business and the business of another member, looking to create new opportunity. When every member makes it a point to have a 1-2-1 meeting with every other member at least once every 6 months you accelerate your business growth through Network Las Vegas. Using the 1-2-1 Meeting Planner increases the effectiveness of your 1-2-1 meetings.
  3. Referrals Given: Giving referrals to other members has been shown to dramatically increase the referrals other members give to you.
  4. Referrals Received: This metric helps you to track the success of your Network Las Vegas activity. Prompt and professional follow-up on referrals you receive along with thanking the member who gave the referral will also increase the quantity and quality of the referrals you receive.
  5. Business Closed: Tracking the dollar amount of the referral business you close gives you an objective value measurement of your activity in Network Las Vegas. In addition, it helps Network Las Vegas look at the total dollar amount of business generated enabling us to know what’s working and what’s not working and to make the necessary continual improvement.
  6. Guests Invited Who Attended a Meeting
  7. Joint Venture Involvement: Joint Venture activity puts networking on steroids. Learn more here