Expense Reduction Consultant

COINDCG, Las Vegas, Nevada


(O) (801) 806-4855

7771 Aneto Summit Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89113


Primary Service and Value: We benchmark, negotiate and audit all expenses on a companies general ledger using our $6T data-driven approach to save clients as much as 25%.

Primary Clients: We are industry and location agnostic but prefer to deal with decision makers in the Las Vegas area.

To get started, schedule a quick no-cost 15-minute initial exploration session.


  • Benchmark all company expenses

    • Our data-driven approach saves clients as much as 25% by continuously benchmarking operating expenses against our $6T data lake, at zero cost or risk to the client!
    • Note: Our benchmarking does not include payroll and rent/lease – however we do benchmark payroll processing.
  • Negotiate all company expenses (with the approval of the business)

    • We only negotiate the spend you want us to negotiate.
  • Audit monthly for the remainder of the contract

    • This practice is designed to ensure your business is continuing to realize the savings.

Your Company Investment:

The only investment the business will make is the initial meeting and follow-up discovery call, which reveals savings opportunities, along with percentages (dollars).

Your Company Retains Decision-Making Control Over Expense Reduction Activity

We do not switch service providers or distributors without first consulting the business.