What NLV Content Can You Leverage Toward Your Marketing?

Blog Articles

Write a blog article on the high visibility NetworkLasVegas website and leverage it toward your marketing.

Member Spotlight Videos

Place your member spotlight videos on your website and eblast them to your list.

Member Directory Listing / NLV Logo

Your directory listing points to your business website already. Strengthen the connection in Google’s eyes by placing the NLV logo on your website and pointing it to your directory listing.

Member Spotlight Presentation

Eblast your member spotlight presentation theme and date to your email list, your clients and your friends and invite them to attend the meeting where you will present your member spotlight. You prepared an awesome presentation. Why not maximize your audience?


Leveraging Your NetworkLasVegas.com Blog Article

Here are some strategies:

  1. Create a video version and place it on YouTube, then ask NLV to embed the YouTube video onto your blog article. Video versions are easy to create. Just get a tripod, aim your phone toward yourself and summarize the message of you blog article.
  2. Point the YouTube video to your blog article page and both the video and your blog article will receive more hits.
  3. Create a specific call to action (an offer) on your blog article inviting readers to contact you and/or request a product or service. Need help setting up your first YouTube channel and creating your first video? Contact davidsmith@marketingdepartmentlv.com
  4. Eblast a blog article teaser to your email list (i.e. If your article sets out 7 steps toward a goal, eblast step 1 to your list with a link to view the other 6 steps on your blog article). Need help setting up your first email list? Contact davidsmith@marketingdepartmentlv.com
  5. Divide your blog article into multiple social media posts that link back to your blog article. In the example above with “7 Steps” you immediately have 7 unique social media posts. Need help setting up a Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter or Instagram account? Contact davidsmith@marketingdepartmentlv.com

Okay, you’re wondering why you can’t just do these great strategies on your own website. Sure, you can. However, imagine the power of multiple NLV members sending more viewers to the NLV website where they are likely to look around and find YOUR content. This is the power of joint venture team marketing!

Embed Your Member Spotlight Video onto Your Website

You can actually grab video embed code from YouTube and make it so that the video plays on a page on your website! It’s pretty easy and here are the steps:

  1. Remember to show up for the Member Spotlight Video Streaming Session at 10:50am the day of your Member Spotlight Presentation
  2. By the next day you will be able to see your completed video on both the NLV YouTube Channel and on the Member Spotlight Video Streaming Session page on this site.
  3. Under your video you will see a “share” link. Click on this link.
  4. You will have choices: You can either copy the video address “Video Link” or copy the embed code.
  5. Copy the embed code. It looks something like this: src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/JUYUgItY2PI?rel=0” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>
  6. Log into the admin area of your website, open the “edit” version of the page where you want your video to be posted, go to the “HTML” or “Text” view of that page. Copy the embed code into that “HTML” or “Text” view.
  7. Save the page on your website.
  8. Now go to the viewer’s side of your website (the public side) to see your video on that page! It will play exactly as if it were on YouTube…but right on your own website!!
  9. To see embedded videos in action, click on the Member Spotlight Videos page on this site!
  10. Hey, note the portion of the embed code above that I placed in bold? ?rel=0 If you add these few brief characters of code to your embed code YouTube will not send your video viewers to otherople’s videos when they are done viewing your video. They will only be sent to other videos on your own YouTube channel!!

Don’t let your videos lie hidden. Get them out where people can view them. Use them to add dynamic and motion to your business website. Grow your visibility and credibility in your marketplace! 

Need help learning how to embed your first video onto your business website? Contact davidsmith@marketingdepartmentlv.com

Place the NetworkLasVegas Logo on Your Business Website

Cross-linking is a huge way to elevate your business website on the Google search engine. NetworkLasVegas points a link to your website. Point a link from your website to your directory listing on the NetworkLasVegas website.

  1. Go to this page to grab the logo seal for NetworkLasVegas along with instructions on how to place that seal on your business website.
  2. Instead of linking the seal to the home page of NetworkLasVegas.com, link it to your member directory page. Just go to that page and grab the page link.
  3. Follow the rest of the directions to complete the linking process.
  4. Click the logo image to see how I have linked this logo image to my own directory listing. You can easily link any image to a page anywhere on your business website or on the internet!

Need help linking an image to a web page? Contact davidsmith@networklasvegas.com

Maximize Your Member Spotlight Presentation

In the section above we spoke about your Pre-Presentation Video Streaming Session where we create a summary teaser about the Member Spotlight Presentation you are about to make. Now we turn to marketing opportunities for your actual Member Spotlight Presentation given during the NLV meeting.

You carefully prepared your Member Spotlight Presentation. Chances are you crafted it into an engaging PowerPoint presentation format. Your NLV networking partners asked key questions and made valuable comments following your presentation.

Now, how can you further maximize this experience for your marketing?

  1. Invite clients, prospective clients, business associates and friends to attend the NLV meeting where you will be giving your Member Spotlight Presentation
  2. The meeting before your Member Spotlight Presentation announce your presentation theme to NLV members and ask them what they’d like to learn from you.
  3. Produce a Recording of You Member Spotlight Presentation
    • Be sure the NLV meeting leader on the day of your presentation gives you the ability to record your zoom screen.
    • Hit “record” before your presentation begins. Following your presentation a recording will download onto your computer.
    • Edit that recording in your favorite video editing program and upload it onto your YouTube channel. Need help setting up a YouTube channel? Contact davidsmith@marketingdepartmentlv.com
    • Grab the embed code for your video utilizing the process outlined above on this page.
    • Embed your presentation video onto your website. Such presentations can make awesome home page content.

Need help with any of this? Contact davidsmith@marketingdepartmentlv.com

Note: David Smith has saved ALL member spotlight presentation recordings ever given at previous NLV meetings. For a reasonable processing fee he will edit the video of your member spotlight and deliver it to you via dropbox. Contact davidsmith@marketingdepartmentlv.com

If you can give David the approximate date of your Member Spotlight Presentation that will help him locate it for you.