The Quality of a Networking Organization is Based on the Quality of its Leadership

Benefits of Leadership:

  1. Visibility + Credibility = Profitability
  2. Leadership Growth Opportunity

Currently looking for additional leaders and team members. Please email

Leadership Update

  • Each leader gives a brief update on their area of leadership at Network Las Vegas meetings

Leadership Team Meetings

  • 2nd Wednesday monthly 11:30am via Zoom.
  • An additional meeting on the 4th Wednesday at 11:30am will be called as we initially organize.

Leadership Positions

President (David Smith)

Conduct professional meetings, coordinate the leadership team.

  • Meeting Agenda and Leadership
  • Leadership team meetings and leadership support
  • Guide leadership team on Network Las Vegas decisions on such items as when to add additional meetings, live meetings, initiate Joint Venture programs, when to initiate membership dues…etc.

Meeting Timer (Michael Morrow)

  • Ensure members and speakers stay on track and on time with their 60sec and 10-min presentations.

Guest Host (Mark Peko)

  • Reach out to all registrants to welcome them prior to the meeting, field questions.
  • Invite sponsoring members to introduce their guests during the meeting.

Follow-up Coordinator (Mark Peko)

  • Conduct the meeting breakout group for guests to to debrief, answer questions.
  • Arrange that every guest has a follow-up email or phone call and 1-2-1 meeting with a member.
  • Invite guests to join Network Las Vegas.

Technical Support, Vice President (Stan Shields)

  • Ensure meetings run smoothly technically (Zoom coordination).
  • Ensure speakers are equipped to present during the meeting (screen sharing, PowerPoint help…ect.).
  • Run breakout rooms.

Member Speaker Rotation and Support (???)

  • Arrange for upcoming business presentations ensuring that they occur in an organized rotation that gives every member an equal opportunity to present.
  • Verify upcoming speakers prior to the meeting where they will present.
  • Support speakers around organizing their message and preparing their PowerPoint as needed.
  • Support speakers around getting a video of their presentation.

VP Joint Venture Teams and NLV Growth (???)

  • Communicate the Joint Venture Teams philosophy and strategy to members.
  • Form Joint Venture Teams at a level appropriate to Network Las Vegas membership.
  • Recruit, guide and equip a leader for each Joint Venture Team.
  • Work with the NLV Leadership Team to adjust the regular meeting agenda to incorporate Joint Venture Team activity.
  • Follow the Joint Venture Team activity and results tracking available through the Member Retention Coordinator.
  • Adjust the Joint Venture Team strategy as needed.

Visitor Day/Guest Followup Coordinator (David Smith)

  • Coordinate the quarterly Visitor Days (Guest list, Guest invitations, Guest follow-up).

New Member Onboarding (Mark Peko)

  • Incorporate new members into Network Las Vegas.
  • Help new members set and track personal goals for their membership experience.
  • Ensure new members are connected to existing members for support.
  • Help with issues around 60sec presentations and 10min presentations.
  • Give referral generation and tracking support.
  • Give 1-2-1 support.

Member Satisfaction Coordinator (Michael Morrow; Rich Simon; Jim Eagan)

  • Identify members who may likely drop off before that happens
    • Color code Excel
  • Intervene with the above to help them have a more satisfying membership experience.
  • Debrief with members who drop off.
  • Follow-up periodically with members who have dropped off.

Website Administrator (David Smith)

  • Keep the website updated.
  • Add new pages as needed.
  • Add member speaker videos to the website and YouTube.
  • Create and update a member directory on the website.
  • Encourage members to blog on the site.
  • SEO optimize the website for greater visibility.

Email Marketing Administrator (Stan Shields, David Smith – NLV Eblasts; Mark Peko – Individual Emails)

  • Provide weekly eblasts.

Social Media Marketing Administrator (Stan Shields)

  • Post regularly on social media.
  • Administer the Network Las Vegas Facebook Group and help members to become active.

Social Event Coordinator (Robin Grayson; Julie Harris)

  • Manage logistics for the monthly evening networking social:
    • Location arranged
    • light snacks/drinks (Scenario: Restaurant outdoor space; restaurant provides 1st drink free in return for our bringing people to their venue – example: Red Rock Casino Hearthstone Kitchen patio area.)
  • Announce event to attendees at preceding meetings, encourage members to invite guests.
  • Ensure all participants are warmly welcomed, contact information recorded at the entrance, introduced to a member.
  • Send guest list to Guest Host for invitation to next virtual networking event.