Farmers Insurance Agent

Leadership Position: Monthly Social Coordination Support

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Primary Service and Value: Help for people seeking the peace and security that comes with insurance coverage: Home, auto, commercial, or umbrella protection.


Home Insurance

Auto Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Umbrella Protection

My target client is anyone looking to better understand what their insurance numbers mean on their declarations pages and to ensure that they have the correct coverage for their needs. Anyone looking for home, auto, commercial, or umbrella protection.

Even if I cannot help you get a lower rate, understanding what the numbers mean is important and I am available to talk to anyone and everyone.

Is your insurance agent approachable and responsive? Do they review your coverage regularly? Do they explain your coverage in a way you can easily understand? Are they fully familiar with your situation and your insurance needs as these needs evolve over time? When you have an insurance claim are they there to help you through the claim process?

All of the above are the business practices I value and bring to my clients as their insurance agent.