Joint Venture Team Purpose:

To dramatically increase the generation of new business for members of

Joint Venture Team Definition:

Joint venture teams go beyond referral networking in that members are given a strategy to collaborate in business activities such as joint marketing, joint training and bundling of products and services. These activities greatly expand each participant’s reach, contacts and new business generation.

Joint Venture Team Vision:

Think of 5 main joint venture teams which operate as mini-business associations within the larger

  • Realty and Home Improvement
  • Finance
  • Health and Wellness
  • Marketing and Business Support Services (B-2-B)
  • Business to Consumer Services (B-2-C)

Path to Creating and Growing Your Joint Venture Team:

  1. Determine which Joint Venture Team is a fit for your business.
  2. Ask, “What additional businesses can I invite to NetworkLasVegas to grow my team?”
  3. Meet with your Joint Venture Team to familiarize yourselves with one another’s businesses.
  4. Plan joint venture collaboration activities with members of your Joint Venture Team.

Joint Venture Team Incredible Business Growth Potential: Leadership will help guide the Joint Venture process to make it effective, but success depends on every member thinking and acting beyond “referral networking” to “joint venture collaboration“.