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5 Growth and Sustainability Principles:

  1. Business Growth: (Members joint venture with each other to grow their businesses)
  2. Shared Leadership: (Members assume positions of responsibility in the sphere)
  3. Educational Focus: (Educate Market Audience vs. Be Educated by Next Gen Networking)
  4. List Building: (Joint venture collaboration to grow lists)
  5. Growth of Contact Sphere: (Continual growth, members continually invite others, fill in the gaps)


1) Business Growth

  • Business Growth: The goal is not to grow the organization, but primarily to grow member businesses (which will grow the organization as a result).
  • Collaborative Support: The team leadership and members intend and help each member to grow their business, communicate more clearly, grow communication and teaching skills, join in joint venturing with other members.
  • Success measurement: Member businesses are significantly growing their business to new levels each year.
  • 1-2-1 meetings: Facilitate member-to-member contact activity by maintaining and distributing the team roster at each team dinner. Roster and dinner agenda template download: https://networklasvegas.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/roster-contact-sphere-template-04-18-2019.docx


2) Shared Leadership

The quality of your sphere directly corresponds to the quality of your leaders. Recruit leaders individually vs. asking for volunteers. Watch for emerging leaders who demonstrate interest, energy, intelligence, leadership communication skills, genuine concern for others and for other’s well-being, welcoming nature, service mentality, ability to follow-through, dependability…etc.

Leadership Positions:

  • Team Leaders: At least 2 co-leaders so they can plan together and “tag team”
  • Communication Leader: Creates and manages team roster, announces team meetings, creates and distributes team meeting recap. Helps the education leader with webinar and seminar marketing.
  • Education Leader: Runs the webinar and seminar focus (below).
  • Team Growth Leader: Continual focus on team growth. Develop list of businesses to invite. Encourage and support team members in inviting.
  • Member Engagement and Business Growth Leader: Stays attuned to team member’s goals and issues in terms of their own business. Helps members to stay engaged and active and get the most out of team membership.


3) Educational Focus

Joint venture to create educational webinar series that educate, grow member communication skills, grow market visibility and grow member lists.

This creates an instant joint venture project and can help unify and engage your sphere.

Webinar Model/Elements:

  • Content:
    • Develop one umbrella theme: i.e. “Attaining Your Best Health”
    • Participating sphere members each take one week to present their segment supporting the umbrella webinar theme and commit to being present and active participants on the week the other members are presenting.
    • A great communication format follows the simple outline: Problem > Solution > Benefits
    • Presentation models could include PowerPoint presentations, Spoken presentations, Interviews where one member interviews the presenter. The presentation style depends on what is most comfortable and appropriate to the presenting member.
    • Be sure to have a “call to action” for each segment that invites attendees to sample your services, join your list via a valuable free download…etc.
  • Presentation Strategy:
    • Virtual presentation over David Smith’s Zoom webinar tool (I’ll make it available to you and onboard you on its use.)
    • Webinars will be recorded and converted into YouTube videos which can then be placed on member websites for valuable content.
    • Webinar audios will be set up as podcasts that are blasted to a wider market for even more exposure. (this element is not yet created but will be ready if desired)
    • Following the successful series, the series could be presented as a live seminar in Las Vegas. Could be as part of an expo event.
  • Marketing:
    • Work together to create marketing for the overall series.
    • Sphere members eblast this webinar to their lists along with the weekly invitations and encourage their contacts to attend.
    • The week’s presenter could give other members an article to blast to their lists that describes their upcoming segment and its value.
    • Members can use the series as a list building download on their websites, or even create an information product that they can sell from their websites.


4) List Building

The goal is to help grow each sphere member’s contact list.


5) Joint Venture Team Growth

  • Cultivate positive, open minded welcoming growth culture.
  • Every meeting invite “missing” members. Fill in the gaps.
  • Also focus on member retention—check in regularly with members, know their business goals and how they are progressing, become accountability partners in their goals.
  • Focus on member engagement. Tight knit partnership.