Inviting Guests Grows Your Business More Rapidly

As we grow our networking community at the business each member receives grows geometrically. This means that every time our networking community doubles, the referrals and new business each member receives may multiply by a factor of 4X or greater.

How to Invite:

Few people are excited by an invitation that says, “Come to this meeting…” Who wants more meetings?

Few people are excited by an invitation that says, “We meet weekly, twice monthly…etc.” Now they’re being asked to come to a series of meetings.

On the other hand, people want to grow their business.

People will respond to an invitation to meet with your inner circle of business associates.

Effective, Quick 4-Part Invite:

  1. Would you like to grow your business?
  2. Would qualified referrals help?
  3. I’d like to invite you to meet with my inner circle of business associates who pass qualified business referrals to one another.
  4. We meet this Wednesday at 11:30am at this link.

Easy to remember this approach: GRIP

  • Grow
  • Referrals
  • Invite
  • Place

Invitation Process

Send your guest the link to the upcoming meeting:

  1. See the meeting schedule on the home page of this site, updated weekly for the next 60 days.
  2. Right click on the colored word Business Networking for the next meeting.
  3. From the right click menu, select:  “Copy Link Location“. This is the meeting registration link.
  4. Paste this link into your email invitation to the guest you are inviting.
  5. CC the email to so he can place this guest invite into our database and add a official invite and follow-up to your guest.

We’re keeping a record of members who invite guests so that we can recognize them during a future meeting!