Why Place the NetworkLasVegas.com Logo on Your Business Website?

When you place this logo on your business website you do the following:

  1. Show your website visitors that you are a member of NetworkLasVegas.com
  2. Encourage others to visit NetworkLasVegas.com website and networking meetings
  3. Help grow NetworkLasVegas.com membership increasing the ability of the group to grow your business and the business of other members
  4. Increase Visibility: By linking the NetworkLasVegas.com logo on your website to https://NetworkLasVegas.com you help increase the visibility of NetworkLasVegas.com website which in turn increases the visibility of your directory listing and your business!
  5. Increase Your Own Website’s Visibility: Google looks not only at links pointing toward your website, but also credits links pointing from your website to other sites in order to give websites higher standing when they show they are connected throughout the internet.

How to Place the NetworkLasVegas.com Logo on Your Business Website

Downloading and Saving the Logo:

  1. Right click on the logo
  2. Chose the “save image as” option from the right click menu
  3. Save the image to a location on your computer you can find later

Uploading the Logo to Your Business Website:

  1. Log into the admin area of your business website (or have your website administrator do this)
  2. Locate the logo where you saved it in your computer files
  3. Upload the logo into your business website images folder

Linking the Logo to https://NetworkLasVegas.com:

  1. From your website’s admin area, navigate to the page on which you would like to place the NetworkLasVegas.com logo
    • For the best effect, place the logo in your website footer.
    • Alternately, you could place the logo on an “Associated Links” page where you place links to other important websites
  2. Resize the Logo: The logo doesn’t need to be as large as it is on this page. Your website page’s image upload tool will give you the ability to resize the logo. Select the size that fits your need.
  3. When you place an image on your website, the tool that uploads the image to a page also gives you the ability to add a link to that image.
  4. Look for the “image link”, “add link” or “URL” field.
  5. Enter: https:networklasvegas.com into that form field.
  6. Click “save”
  7. Alternately, you could link the logo directly to your directory listing on NetworkLasVegas.com, or to a blog article you have submitted
    • Go to the page on NetworkLasVegas.com you want to link to
    • Grab the link from the address bar at the top of your internet browser
    • Enter that link into the image link form field

Having Trouble Placing the NetworkLasVegas.com Logo on Your Business Website?

Contact davidsmith@marketingdepartmentlv.com(503) 816-9665 and ask for help. I will add the NetworkLasVegas.com logo and link to your business website as a free service.