Writer’s Block is Merely Uncertainty

Did you always know how to swim? You bobbed in the water when you learned. The first step was treading with your legs. The second step was plunging your arms through like boat ores. The challenge was at the deep end where your fear was focused.

My nephew couldn’t swim when he was a boy. He waded in the shallow end of the pool. You couldn’t even lead him to the deep end.

I swam around to give him an example but that didn’t do any good. I showed him how to tread water without swimming. He was splashing around but still wouldn’t leave the shallow water. Could you see him in a floatation device as an old man? That got me committed.

My mother called for him to come inside for lunch. That was my cue. I got out of the pool first. He crossed by me to head inside the house.

I threw him screaming into the deep end. Now he was in a state where he had to swim.

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