Webinar Overview:

80% of sales are made between the 5th and 20th touch. 89% of sales people give up on or before the 4th touch! Learn how to consistently and strategically make more touches … more sales … more revenue … and more profit! When your networking follow-up system is easy and automated, you’ll discover the power of consistent and sustainable follow-up to accelerate your business growth.

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Are you having a difficult time knowing how to boost the effectiveness of your company’s online presence in generating new business leads and clients? Where’s the low hanging fruit that will give you the best results for your efforts? We’ll look at 7 ways to create the change that will transform your company website from an online brochure to a powerful sales partner for your business. It will be like a networking buddy who is going out there making connections for you 24/7.

In this webinar you will learn the Top 7 Ways to Generate New Business Leads on the Internet by transforming your business website into your own 24/7 online networking partner.

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Automating Your Networking and Sales Pipeline Can More Than Triple Your Productivity and Earnings


It’s no accident that the word “Networking” is used both for making connections at a business event and also connecting your Business Technology system, or “Network”. The commonality is the strategy of making and managing connections. Since both types of networking perform a similar function, it’s only natural to realize that your IT network can support your word of mouth networking in some very creative and productive ways. In this webinar video you will learn:

How your IT network can either support or sabotage your word of mouth networking efforts.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Why technology needs to be a part of your word of mouth networking strategy.
  2. What tools your currently have on your computer to support your word of mouth networking?
  3. Managing your connections robustly through email tools.
  4. Keeping your computer network secure as you communicate.
  5. How to avoid communication overload.
  6. Tips for managing your schedule so that you are always aware of upcoming appointments.
  7. Conferencing over the phone and using web applications.
  8. Advanced web-based communication and project management tools.

Benefits of Word of Mouth Networking Supported by a Robust IT Network:

  • Save time and create rapid connectivity by automating your communications.
  • Follow up with your connections more consistently and effectively.
  • Expand your reach.

As they say, “First impressions are lasting.” At most open networking events, you will meet 10 or more individuals for the first time. You have one opportunity to create a first impression and fortunately the ability to instantly build credibility and trust in that first encounter with another can be learned and developed. It has to do with attitude and technique. In this webinar we’ll explore both of these crucial elements and strengthen your ability to quickly create an unforgettable positive impression while networking.

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If you could increase your results from attending a Las Vegas networking event by a factor of 2, 3 or more by tweaking just one element of your networking strategy, how valuable would that be? That element is networking event follow-up. Tragically, we who are exposed to huge opportunity at a networking event often let the ball drop either because we fail to systematically follow up after the event or don’t have an effective follow-up strategy. What you learn during this Networking Follow-up Tune-up webinar could dramatically accelerate your results at every networking event you attend in the coming months.

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Networking can be the most powerful way to grow your business. We’ve all been to networking events that produce “so-so” results and networking events that create connections and opportunities that become a turning point for our business. What’s the difference? Is it just the good luck of meeting the right person in the right place at the right time? Learn the 7 principles of strategic, intentional networking that will position you to create new opportunity at any networking event.

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Business Growth Strategies In Las Vegas

Business owners in Las Vegas are besieged by marketing companies toting the latest greatest strategy to find clients. In one case, I observed a business owner actually disconnecting his phone in order to find some uninterrupted focus time! Here are a few of the marketing “solutions” we’re told will bring in a flood of new clients:

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