Writer’s Block is Merely Uncertainty

Did you always know how to swim? You bobbed in the water when you learned. The first step was treading with your legs. The second step was plunging your arms through like boat ores. The challenge was at the deep end where your fear was focused.

My nephew couldn’t swim when he was a boy. He waded in the shallow end of the pool. You couldn’t even lead him to the deep end.

I swam around to give him an example but that didn’t do any good. I showed him how to tread water without swimming. He was splashing around but still wouldn’t leave the shallow water. Could you see him in a floatation device as an old man? That got me committed.

My mother called for him to come inside for lunch. That was my cue. I got out of the pool first. He crossed by me to head inside the house.

I threw him screaming into the deep end. Now he was in a state where he had to swim.

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Instant Renewal and Inspiration!

The following videos are suggested by Network Las Vegas members for business education and inspiration. At some point during your day when you are dragging, experiencing burnout or simply blocked pertaining to your next business activity, do the following:

  1. Take a moment to detach yourself from whatever activity has you stalled.
  2. View one of these videos.
  3. Reinvest yourself in your work, renewed and inspired!

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If you own a business, whether it is a home-based “Virtual Business” or Brick and Mortar enterprise; whether you sell a Service or a Product, there is one common thread. To protect you, your clients and your investment – you Need Insurance!!

OK – but what business insurance do I need??

That is truly dependent on both your business and your “Exposure”. The best thing to do is talk with someone who can provide advice and options but for this purpose, let’s just go over the basics.

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Auto Insurance in Nevada is Complex — Let’s Make it Simple!

The insurance industry has spent a great deal of time and effort in 2 endeavors. First – they have worked very hard to make insurance look very complex and Second – they have also expended a lot of effort to “commoditize” insurance. Well, I am here to pull back the curtain and give you a head start on spending your insurance dollars well – it’s all about “Value”.

Let’s start by simplifying the concepts of Auto insurance in Nevada.

Basically Auto insurance in Nevada is broken into 3 categories:

1) Auto Liability Insurance

The part that protects those You may cause injury to (along with damaging property). This is called Liability and it is the only part required by NV law. This coverage provides funds to help those that you injure to manage their medical issues. It also provides funds to repair or replace any damage you cause to property (cars, light poles, block walls, etc).

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Nevada Home Insurance Can By Mystifying

Like most things related to Insurance, Home Insurance can seem mystifying to most.

  • Do you have to have it?
  • What does it cover?
  • How do you know if you have the right protection?

These are all great questions and they should be things you consider when purchasing insurance protection for your Home. After all – for most of us our Home is our single biggest asset!

Nevada Home Insurance Includes Funds for Repair and Replacement

Like most things that we don’t deal with on a daily basis, Home Insurance can seem confusing. But in general, most Home Insurance policies set aside a specified amount of money to repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged by the specific circumstances outlined in the policy. It will also help repair or replace your personal items like Furniture, Electronics, Clothing, decorations, Linens, etc in a covered loss.

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Webinar Overview:

80% of sales are made between the 5th and 20th touch. 89% of sales people give up on or before the 4th touch! Learn how to consistently and strategically make more touches … more sales … more revenue … and more profit! When your networking follow-up system is easy and automated, you’ll discover the power of consistent and sustainable follow-up to accelerate your business growth.

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Are you having a difficult time knowing how to boost the effectiveness of your company’s online presence in generating new business leads and clients? Where’s the low hanging fruit that will give you the best results for your efforts? We’ll look at 7 ways to create the change that will transform your company website from an online brochure to a powerful sales partner for your business. It will be like a networking buddy who is going out there making connections for you 24/7.

In this webinar you will learn the Top 7 Ways to Generate New Business Leads on the Internet by transforming your business website into your own 24/7 online networking partner.

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Automating Your Networking and Sales Pipeline Can More Than Triple Your Productivity and Earnings


It’s no accident that the word “Networking” is used both for making connections at a business event and also connecting your Business Technology system, or “Network”. The commonality is the strategy of making and managing connections. Since both types of networking perform a similar function, it’s only natural to realize that your IT network can support your word of mouth networking in some very creative and productive ways. In this webinar video you will learn:

How your IT network can either support or sabotage your word of mouth networking efforts.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Why technology needs to be a part of your word of mouth networking strategy.
  2. What tools your currently have on your computer to support your word of mouth networking?
  3. Managing your connections robustly through email tools.
  4. Keeping your computer network secure as you communicate.
  5. How to avoid communication overload.
  6. Tips for managing your schedule so that you are always aware of upcoming appointments.
  7. Conferencing over the phone and using web applications.
  8. Advanced web-based communication and project management tools.

Benefits of Word of Mouth Networking Supported by a Robust IT Network:

  • Save time and create rapid connectivity by automating your communications.
  • Follow up with your connections more consistently and effectively.
  • Expand your reach.

Whether you’re an executive business leader in a large organization, a sales rep, a network marketer growing a business or an entrepreneur collaborating with multiple professionals to deliver professional services, if you see yourself in a capacity of leadership this webinar is for you.

To the extent that you can grow the ability to lead from your strengths, you will maximize your impact as you accomplish the three needs for successful organizational transformation: Engaging your community, building a culture and creating an affirmative identity. By applying the principles of transformational leadership, you will gain a firm sense of vision and engage stakeholders in new ways.

By applying the principles of transformational leadership, you will gain a firm sense of vision, and engage stakeholders in new ways.

In this webinar video you will learn:

  1. What is transformational leadership and who needs to be a transformational leader?
  2. What are the keys to engaging a community and why is this important?
  3. How can a leader create a positive culture and what are the results?
  4. How do leaders intentionally shape the identity of their organizations?
  5. What is appreciative inquiry and why is this one of the most powerful leadership abilities?
  6. What is the “Five Factor Model” of personal leadership?
  7. What is charisma and how can a leader grow this quality?

Benefits of Transformational Leadership:

  • Grow long-term satisfying business relationships with team members and clients
  • Create a more sustainable business
  • Experience greater influence and success