Each month features a main Next Generation Networking event and a monthly contact sphere/joint venture dinner.

Main Monthly Next Generation Networking Event

Purpose: To maximize new vital connections that lead to business growth.


6:00 Open Networking (please arrive on or before the hour)

6:30 Networking in Contact Spheres/ Joint Venture Teams

  • It’s proven that 80% of new business referrals comes from your contact sphere, so it’s important to connect with these businesses.
  • You’ll be given a few conversation-starter questions to help rapidly connect and activate the power of your new connections.
  • Each contact sphere will have a designated leader to help guide things along.
  • You will receive the contact information for each member of your contact sphere for follow-up.
  • Plan a dinner gathering with your contact sphere to explore additional  business opportunity sometime before next month’s Next Generation Networking event.

7:00 Open Networking Resumes

7:55 Give-Away Prizes (feel free to continue networking afterward)

Monthly Contact Sphere/Joint Venture Dinner

Purpose: This is an opportunity to drill down and further explore business opportunity with others in your contact sphere.

Bring a guest who is in a profession belonging to your contact sphere. This will create further value for all.


  • Flows from the conversations your contact sphere/joint venture team had at the main monthly event.
  • Deeper dive into learning about one another’s businesses. What do you do best? For whom? Describe your 3 best clients. What achievements stand out? What are your goals?
  • Help each other sharpen their business message.
  • Ask a question, present a problem, get expert feedback.
  • Explore joint venture opportunities (bundled products, joint marketing…etc.)
  • Identify missing professions that could add further value to your contact sphere/joint venture team. Plan to invite these to next month’s main event.