Achieving Your Optimal Health

A Webinar Series by the Health Experts of the Las Vegas Next Generation Networking Health & Wellness Joint Venture Team

(Note: Even if you’ve registered for a prior webinar you must register each week for the current webinar.)

An Opportunity to Establish Momentum Toward Achieving Your Optimal Health

Imagine living every day in your optimal health for a longer, more active and satisfying life! We’ll help you get there. Over 15 experts from a wide variety of Las Vegas health professions offer their best wisdom on how to attain your optimal health in a number of specific areas ranging from nutrition, exercise and pain management to skincare, weight management, mindset and much more.

Both Informative and Very Practical

We’ll invite attendees to set and track personal health goals. Those who attend regularly, set and track personal health goals may expect significant health improvement by September 1, 2019.

Webinar Series Time & Registration

June 12 Through August 28, 2019
Every Wednesday, 7-8pm

Upcoming Webinar: What is Your Optimal Diet (Dr. Angela Carlson, ND (Certified Naturopathic Doctor)

Wed, July 10, 2019, 7-8pm

Grow Your Health Knowledge and Awareness

Identify and Move Toward Your Optimal Health