Call David Smith a “networking junkie”. You’ll probably see him at one of the top Las Vegas networking events featured on the home page of this site.

David is the president and founder of, and His goal is to grow businesses in Las Vegas through facilitating networking and collaboration among business leaders. Through over 15 years effective business networking and networking leadership experience including such organizations as BNI and Chamber of Commerce, David has learned and is willing to share his powerful innovative networking strategy.

Raise your networking to a new level of effectiveness by integrating an online digital marketing approach, basically, networking over the internet. The first key to this strategy is list growth and list engagement. After earning a bachelor of arts degree at the University of Evansville in Indiana and a Master of Divinity degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, David sharpened his communication skills before live audiences as a pastor for 11 years, then grew corporate business skills with Oregon’s Department of Transportation leading a huge project that created Oregon’s first online employment website. Then he developed his own digital marketing business in Oregon, Connecticut and Las Vegas:, finally serving as marketing director in a Las Vegas legal firm. Today he continues to help businesses through his networking, email marketing and marketing director skills.

David Smith